Plantbio-list owner is out to lunch for weeks now!

Beverly Erlebacher bae at
Fri Oct 22 17:06:53 EST 1999

In article <VA.00000652.000b92a0 at rgw>,
Roger Whitehead  <rgw at> wrote:
>In article <l03130302b43628b66dec@[]>, Ross Koning wrote:
>> Indeed I have tried to unsubscribe from this
>> forum through official channels.
>I'm afraid you've expended a lot of time, patience and words on a false 
>premise. This is not a list, this is a Usenet group. To discontinue seeing it, 
>you need instruct your ISP's or campus's news server, which you do through 
>your mail program. I don't know which software you're using but most packages 
>have a newsgroups subscribe/unsubscribe control in them.

This newsgroup is gatewayed (bidirectionally) to a mailing list.  The 
problem is that his mailing address has changed, so the listserv software 
doesn't recognize his unsubscribe command as a match.

Ross, if you can't get through to the list maintainer, try writing to 
root and/or postmaster at the listserv site, or ask one of your systems
people to fake your former address on your unsubscribe request for you.

Personally, I'll be sorry to see you go.  Perhaps you can read the list
as a Usenet newsgroup.  The trash may be more tolerable when it's not
clogging your mailbox.

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