How to propagate Poinsettias

Dennis G. dennis_goos at
Sat Oct 23 23:56:31 EST 1999

Janice <ginki at> wrote:

>All right, so now that I am on my way to making my
>Poinsettia turn red, I am wondering about Propagation.  Can
>you take a cutting of it and stick it in water? or wet
>dirt?  I am just wondering because there is one rogue branch
>that I would like to take off but I hate throwing them out,
>I would much rather start a new plant.

You can make a cutting. Trim end and excess foliage of cutting with a razor and
let the milky sap dry up a bit before you stick the cutting in a sterile medium
such as peat or oasis. Watch the water: moist on the dry side at rooting end and
ample moisture on the foliage until the stem starts taking up water from the
Medium temperature of 67 to 72 F should work.


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