need a pentamerous flower

Stephen M Jankalski CEREOID at
Mon Oct 25 15:35:37 EST 1999

And its a bad time of the year to do so!

Here's a clue: "Penta" means five and "Merous" means parted. There are many
examples of that type flower found in the wild, the garden, nursery and
florist trade. Several come to mind but that would take the fun out of your
discovering them yourself. You can start by looking in a wild flower book
or a garden book illustrating flowers.

stephan at wrote in article <7uvia6$nl9$1 at>...
> Hi all
> A friend of mine is in search of a flower for a project. I offered help,
> ohh. The need be: any pentamerous flower (for show and tell..) with free
> and corolla leaves as well as free stamens and a well developed gynoecium
> specifications). The projects aim.. probably to show there are few
> flowers. Thanx sofar. Stephan. 

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