Full Spectrum light bulbs for indoor plants

steve gordon stevegordon at freeuk.com
Mon Oct 25 18:09:08 EST 1999

Hi Ross,

Could you please tell me how many lamps that would have been?  Better still,
do you know how much light your plants were getting.

I have often seen statements such as "close to the lamps"  but people seem
to forget to say if they are using 2, 4 or to give an idea of the area

I am not being critical here, I use discharge lamps with great results but
have not yet got the handle on fluorescent, so would dearly like to know.

Thanks in anticipation,

> Hi Stephanie,
> Special lamps are NOT required. At one point
> in my teen-years I had a whole basement full
> of African violets blooming under regular
> cool white fluorescent lamps.  Just remember
> to have the tubes only a few inches above
> the foliage.
> ross
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