Stinky, smelly gingko biloba fruit: What to do?

Stephen M Jankalski CEREOID at
Tue Oct 26 13:48:39 EST 1999

Don't you mean girdled?

Maybe all the male trees should be neutered too? 
They are the ones knocking her up!

Kubwa Mwanamume <Richard at> wrote in article
<s1bbh5ddgbb32 at>...
> Since it is a female tree, Maybe you should have it   SPADED
> Richard
> >Maria Luna and Mark Bornfeld wrote:
> >>
> >> I'm sure I'm not the only one with this problem; perhaps someone can
> >> offer a solution. I'm talking about a female ginkgo biloba tree that
> >> drops its fruit all over the sidewalk in front of my house. The tree
> >> pretty, but that doesn't make up for the mess and smell, not to
> >> the hazard to passers-by who may slip and fall on the slick pulpy
> >> sidewalk. This is a VERY prolific tree, much more so than others in
> >> neighborhood.

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