Update on Amorphophallus ...

THE GRIMES SHACK thegrimesshack at aol.com
Fri Oct 29 16:01:04 EST 1999

Thank you all for helping identify the plant I am so in love with down the
street, but looking all over and not an abundance of retailers for
amorphophallus, if you know what I mean.
This plant appears to be A.Campanulatus or A.Titanum.  If I ask the owner she
will probably give me a tuber.  Should I offer her money or just take it? 
Sorry to even ask about "plant etiquette" on this board, but one time I offered
someone money for a plant and they screamed "Noo noo no no no!  You mustn't
ever pay for a plant or it will die!"  Certainly this isn't true but I
obviously insulted them.
Finally, what is the best transplant time?  Can I cut a tuber in half? 

Thanks in advance if you can answer any of these questions.

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