REPOST - How Do I Care For a Nepenthes (Pitcher Plant)

Steve Hinkson sphinkson at
Sun Oct 31 03:07:25 EST 1999


First, do you know the identity of the plant?  If it was unlabeled, and in a
small plastic pot
with an inverted clear cup over it from a chain store, likely it was a hybrid
of lowland plants.

IF that's the case, then your plant will want a fast draining compost (I tend
to use long fiber
sphagnum moss, but terrestrial orchid mixes work well, too.) that is not
allowed to get dry.

It will need bright light (artificial or natural) but short of much direct
sun, and the relative humidity shouldn't stay below 60% for extended periods
of time.  Many people grow them in terrariums because it makes their culture
easier in a dry, heated home.

Lastly, it won't accept much chill.  It'll languish, if it is a lowland
plant, below 70F (21 C.)
for any length of time.

Hope this helps.
Steve (H.)

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