Free seeds-for SASE

Herb Dave mrchaos007 at
Fri Sep 10 11:42:31 EST 1999

I am interested in some seeds. I will even send you some of my seeds in
return if you would like.

Gardens of the Ancients
Manor, TX

Steve Hinkson wrote:

> Gladly send southwestern seeds for a SASE
> ---Agave Ghiesbreghtii (Small (for an Agave) with dark green leaves,
> and a faint yellow stripe in the center of each )
> ---Angel's Trumpets (everblooming Datura),
> ---California fan palm (Washingtonia filifera ),
> ---Windmill palm (Chamaerops humilis (hardy to 6 degrees F.)),
> ---Canary Island Date palm. (Phoenix canariensis)
> Email for snailmail address if interested.
> Steve
> --
> Drop by and see me at :

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