How to cut a Yukka (= Yucca)

Stephen M Jankalski CEREOID at
Sun Sep 12 14:42:49 EST 1999

Thats Yucca. Yucca elephantipes is the species commonly grown as a

You can cut it back and the lower part of the stem will eventually send out
new shoots.

You may want to try to reroot the top part but that will be more difficult.
You would need to treat the cut end with a rooting hormone and then place
the lower part of the trunk in moist sand until roots appear.

Try these links for more info.

Thomas <Thomas.Ohmueller at> wrote in article
<37DBE3BD.F6FD191D at>...
> What is the rigth way to cut a Yukka, which has grown too large. It's a
> plant in a pot and we don't want to kill it, but there is now room left
> to grow up.
> Can it be cut in the middle part and planted in a new pot (and whats the
> rigth way to do it)? and what happens with the rest?
> Any andvice will be helpful.
> Thanks Thomas

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