Absorption of arsenic by edible plants

Victoria animaux at austin.rr.com0
Sat Apr 1 08:19:24 EST 2000

But still no postingof the study.  That was the point.  However, it was diverted
by something which is virtually irrelevant. As usual.

On Sat, 01 Apr 2000 07:51:46 -0500, wtmorgan at pilot.msu.edu (Bill Morgan) wrote:

>In article <38E5D339.2113B735 at redsuspenders.com>, Chris Owens
><caowens at redsuspenders.com> wrote:
>> Planter wrote:
>> > Mr. Owens has stated that he has replicated the study---we are still
>> > waiting for him to post them!
>> 1.  It is curious that you would automatically assume that I am a man;
>> Chris is a sexually ambiguous name.  In this particular case it is short
>> for Christine.
>Ah, Ms. Owens: seems like every Pat, Chris and Jerry has that problem. Most
>r.gardens regulars do know that you are a woman, however.
>(BTW: I advocate "Pat, Chris and Jerry" as the gender-neutral replacement
>for "Tom, Dick and Harry")

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