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Sun Apr 2 13:20:47 EST 2000

Different plants have different needs. You should really go purchase a
comprehensive book rather than looking online. It would save you a lot of



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| I seem to have a major problem in keeping my house plants
| alive.  One problem is that the leaves turn yellow a day
| or two after watering.  I have read in a lot of places
| that people typically overwater their plants.  So, I have
| cut back in water.  I am now down to about 1 cup of
| water a month.  However, even at that point, one or two
| leaves will turn yellow with a day or two of watering.
| Help?
| Also, is there somewhere I can look up plant care on
| some website.  I am hoping for something with pictures
| of "problem" leaves which might help me to figure out
| what is wrong with my various plants.
| I am assuming that when green leaves turn bright yellow,
| I am overwater.  Is that true?
| What about when the edges of the leaves turn brown and
| dry?
| How do I figure out if I should keep a plant in front of
| a south facing window, or on the other side of the room?
| Should I keep the shades all the way open, or part way down
| to "limit" the bright noontime sun?
| Help!

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