Non-flowering dogwood

Monique Reed monique at
Wed Apr 5 09:29:19 EST 2000

Are you sure that the dogwoods are of a flowering sort?  There are
several species that lack the showy bracts.  Here in Texas, C.
drummondii is common.

M. Reed

Wei Wei Jeang wrote:
> We have two dogwood trees that came up by themselves, presumably from seed,
> in our garden.  The trees are probably 4-5 years old now.  They are in
> well-drained soil with some shade from a bradford pear and a oak tree near
> by.  For at least two Springs, including this year, both trees had very
> samll flowers without the showy bracts that we normally think are flowers.
> Can someone tell us why they are doing this?  Is there anything we can do to
> encourage the growth of the bracts?  Should we chop these down and replace
> with nursery trees?
> Thanks!

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