How kill Arum Italica?

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Fri Apr 7 09:28:16 EST 2000

One method, though it is a little extreme is the old Kero or diesel on the
foliage trick. Problem is you generally can't grow anything in the same spot
for some time. Also have you tried cooking them out? In summer put a layer
of black plastic over the area where they keep recurring and let the sun
bake them for a few weeks. This is both safe and inexpensive.
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> Can anyone advise me on a 1-shot spray to kill Arum Italica? It's tuberous
> and has made comebacks from the stuff I've used. I could keep spraying it
> with Roundup, but it's getting repetitious. I don't want to keep
> experimenting around with other sprays, none of which have done the job
> I have dug it up where that is convenient, but in some places it's
> unfeasable or just too hard.
> I wonder if weed oil would work.
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