philodendren care?

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Fri Apr 7 09:45:59 EST 2000

Actually Philodendron are remarkably tough plants. They do like to be well
watered and fed with organic material but they will survive a remarkably
long time un attended. If it is indoors probably best to water it every 2-3
days in summer and once a week in winter (if you have air con and/or central
heating  you will have to up this rate slightly particularly in winter.)
Feed it once a month with a liquid allpurpose food in spring and summer.
Then every second month in winter. It will love the diffuse light as long as
it is not direct sun through glass as this will burn the leave badly. Also
wipe the leaves over once a month with a damp cloth. this keeps the plants
respiration system from clogging and it makes the plant all shiny again.
Happy Gardening
"Gary" <gdov at> wrote in message
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> How do I care for a phiolodendren (sp?), the common sort, with varigated
> leafs?  I have it in a corner of the living room that is, on both sides,
> all glass, from floor to ceiling, but is draped with drapes that let in
> difused light.  Does it need lots of water, little water, sprayed, plant
> food, what?

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