How kill Arum Italica?

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How about boiling water??


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>One method, though it is a little extreme is the old Kero or diesel on the
>foliage trick. Problem is you generally can't grow anything in the same
>for some time. Also have you tried cooking them out? In summer put a layer
>of black plastic over the area where they keep recurring and let the sun
>bake them for a few weeks. This is both safe and inexpensive.
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>> Can anyone advise me on a 1-shot spray to kill Arum Italica? It's
>> and has made comebacks from the stuff I've used. I could keep spraying it
>> with Roundup, but it's getting repetitious. I don't want to keep
>> experimenting around with other sprays, none of which have done the job
>> I have dug it up where that is convenient, but in some places it's
>> unfeasable or just too hard.
>> I wonder if weed oil would work.
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