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Tue Apr 11 22:17:53 EST 2000

There is one other possibility. Your azealeas may have petal blight. This is
a fungus that occours in wrm damp weather and can cause the flowers to
dieoff prematurly. A good garden centre should be able to identify this for
you and reccomend a fungicide.
Happy Gardening. Shale
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> Is there anything that will cause azaleas to hold their blooms longer?  I
> was out of town for a week, and my azalea bed was blooming beautifully
> I left.  When I returned, half of the blooms had already browned.  It is
> understanding that there were a couple of days of terrible storms while we
> were gone, so lack of water shouldn't have been an issue, and I've never
> known these guys to take on too much water in all the years I've had them.
> What happened, and how can I keep it from repeating next year?  I know the
> blooms don't stay around that long, but there should be something that can
> help!  Thanks, e.t.

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