ISO: Cinnamomum zeylanicum plants

Beverly Erlebacher bae at
Sat Apr 15 07:23:29 EST 2000

In article <38F53E32.9B08F518 at>,
Derek Glidden  <dglidden at> wrote:
>I'm looking for plants of Cinnamomum zeylanicum (as opposed to
>Cinnamomum camphorum) that I could buy.  I'm in Florida in the U.S., so
>any seller would have to be able to ship to me with proper
>phytosanitary, etc.  I've been looking for this plant for years now and
>I'm trying to avoid having to go to the far east to find one.  :)  If
>anyone has plants to sell, or even leads, I would be thrilled.

The Banana Tree ( has seeds for sale.  If you need
plants instead, perhaps they can custom propagate for you, or help you
find a source.

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