waterlogged palms die from the bottom up?

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> Hi there,
> I have a palm tree of sorts which appears to be dying from the bottom
> up. Someone told me that it is probably due to there being too much
> remaining in the water dish underneath it.
> Someone else said it might be because I used fly spray next to it to
> some tiny flys buzzing around the base of the pot.
> Is either thing likely to be the possible cause of my problem? I'd
hate to
> think I am killing them with kindness.
> Regards
> Rob
g'day rob,

the water must be removed from the drain tray the plant could develop
root rot and die also the water will go stagnant and the smell could
attract the bugs.

the best watering method let the mix look dry on top, use your finger
and push into the mix to the depth of the first kniuckle if the mix
still sticke to the finger then the plant will most likely have
sufficient moisture.

the best watering method is to put the pot plant and all into a
container big enough to hold them fill this container with water up to
the rim of the plant pot let it soak for about 1/2 hour remove from the
water drain it then put it back into position.

generally for plants inside in the summer a once a week water should do
in the winter once every 2 or 3 weeks, for inside plants need to be
misted to keep humidity up as inside the house can be a very dry


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