Grass pollen genetics

R.V. Groenewold r.groenewold at
Tue Apr 18 01:13:06 EST 2000

> The genes in the people or the genes in the plant?

The genes in the plant. You've got a good point when you say that many
pollen allergic people react to pollen in general. I'm not sure if this is
the case with all those people (including me btw), but it's a reaction to
the coat of the pollen. The immune-system has, mistakenly, created
antibodies to features on the surface, like the spikes etc. Why exactly it's
doing that is not known to me at this time, but I'll grab a book today to
look for it. I'm interested in the genes of the plant encoding for these
features on the surface. Or perhaps more broadly, the genes encoding the
pollen outer surface.

Vincent Groenewold

Hogeschool Brabant university
Department of biotechnology
the Netherlands

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