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> Wondering if someone could help me out?  I live in the Northeast where
> no species of Camassia grow.  I was going to order some bulbs, try to
> grow them here in Connecticut.  I was wondering (because I am interested
> in the historical use of the plants) what they taste like.  Is it worth
> it?  I love groundnut, Apios..whatever.  Is it comparable?  Any info
> would be greatly appeciated.
> Thanks,
> Carol

David Douglas, 19th century Scottish plant collector, described in his
diaries how Camassia was used for food in the Pacific Northwest. It could be
eaten raw, boiled, or pulped then roasted. He warned of eating a similar
plant with white flowers, which was toxic. So be careful!

I haven't tried it, so I can't testify to the taste. Douglas didn't exactly
go overboard on it, but it helped to sustain him on his travels.

Colin Will

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