Banana tree vs ants ants are winning

tropicals tropicals at
Tue Aug 1 03:53:24 EST 2000

Get some kind of container about a pint size
(jam etc) put some peanut butter inside and
boric acid  The ants will go in for the peanut butter
and they will get boric acid (powder) on their
cute feet and they will lick their feet (ants
are like cats, always like clean feet) 
result: acid boric poison death
Good luck Chris

Lori J 525 <lorij525 at> wrote in article
<20000718191316.00326.00000329 at>...
> Can anyone help me? I am growing a banana tree in a pot outside. I am
ready to
> replant it in the ground and when I last looked, it is not doing as well
as it
> was and  is infested with little black ants?  What do I do?
> I don't know if I'll ever find this newsgroup again, so if you post a
> in response can you please email it to me to?  Lori J525 at

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