venus fly trap

bill sherren william.sherren at
Tue Aug 1 11:41:26 EST 2000

ben champion <nick at> wrote in article
<8m6mor$1kt$1 at>...
> the traps of my venus fly trap have truned yellow then black. i have
> it enough rain water, except for when i went on holiday, which was 7
> one of the traps has shut twice with no fly in it (through no fault of
> mine). it has sunlight. what can i do to save it?

It is normal for traps to go yellow & them black as they are replaced by
new growth.. Is there any signs of new growth? Did the plant dry out
completely during those 7 days? Standing the plant in a tray of rain water
and giving it full sun is the best way to save it..
Hope this helps.

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