venus fly trap

Lucy El Sherif le25 at
Wed Aug 2 13:10:14 EST 2000

I too have a Venus flytrap which has done just the same things as yours...
I read in the House Plant Expert, however, that this is to be expected and
that there is nothing you can do to save it except enjoy the remaining life
it has...
One thing that seems to have staved off the alarming rate at which the traps
where blackening though is feeding it.... the HExpert recommended I feed it
bits of meat and this seems to be working very well so far
Good luck and let me know how it works out
Lucy El Sherif
ben champion <nick at> wrote in message
news:8m6mor$1kt$1 at
> the traps of my venus fly trap have truned yellow then black. i have given
> it enough rain water, except for when i went on holiday, which was 7 days.
> one of the traps has shut twice with no fly in it (through no fault of
> mine). it has sunlight. what can i do to save it?
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