mystic mystic at lcc.net
Fri Aug 4 17:25:17 EST 2000

KEJ/MJJ wrote:
> I recently "rescued" a hibiscus plant from the local supermarket.  There was
> one bud on it that blossomed within a week and now, where it was cut back,
> there are many buds in various stages of growth.  The plant is in a 6" pot
> and I know it needs to be transplanted to a larger pot.  Do I wait until it
> stops blossoming or can I do it now?  TIA
> Marilyn

Do it now.  Include plenty of balanced fertilizer and water it every
day.  Full sun. Hibiscus is really a weed  --  and the bigger the pot
you put it in, the bigger it gets.  I've seen some (in pots) as large as
small trees.


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