Entrepreneur Seeks Working Partners to Help Expand 100 Million Dollar Company!

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Sat Aug 5 13:28:20 EST 2000


I am sending you this message because I understand you may be looking for a
better way to make a living. . Is that true? If you are looking to make more
than you do now for the 40-60 hours you put in doing whatever you do and
want to enjoy those 40-60 hours more, and get some recognition for doing
something meaningful, we might have something for you. Check it out:

Financial planner and business owner seeks people with entrepreneurial
spirit with experience in teaching, marketing, and public speaking, and
former business owners or operators, to help expand a 5 year old enterprise
that specializes in showing average taxpayers (110 million of them) the tax
loopholes used by the rich, while you enjoy an executive level income.
Typical new ‘found’ deductions are $5-$20k per year. This tax reduction
system is endorsed by over 1,350 tax professionals and CPA’s nationwide and
backed by a 100 million dollar company.

Want to see?

Phone me @ 1-888-349-6702 for a free report, "AMERICA’S #1 WAY TO REDUCE

If you enjoy using your brain to earn a high executive income, contact me
and I’ll fill you in.

Financial Planner and business owner for over 30 years.

Arthur Godfrey said "I’m proud to pay my taxes, I’d be just as proud to pay
half as much."

Wouldn’t you be interested in knowing how to cut your income taxes up to 50%
or more?

Find out how you can help others save money on taxes while you enjoy an
executive level income, by calling:

1-888-349-6702, Please leave your name, phone number and best time to call.


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