What is this plant?

Janice York gjy at globalnet.co.uk
Sun Aug 6 00:50:35 EST 2000

The lady who gave me the plant told me she believed the species originated
in South Africa, she did not know what it is either.
The flowers are creamy coloured and tiny,   I have a picture of Begonia
lucerna - Spotted Angel Wing - and they look to me like those flowers, each
little flower is less than a millimetre across, each group of flowers is
about 0.5 cms across. The grow from a short stem about 2 inches long, like
grapes but more spaced out. They are not particularly noticable. The general
shape of the plant reminds me a bit of succulents, sort of untidy. However,
the leaves are not at all fleshy. The leaves are thin, like Philodendron
wenlandii, Bird's Nest philodendron. But, there is no visible veining in the
leaves and the leaves do not end in a point but are rounded. The leaves that
have the baby leaves attached are between 4 and 7 cms long, the baby leaf
grows from a stem which originates 0.5 cms from the end of then leaf which
is then 'cupped' at the end. The leaves with no baby leaves attached are
much longer, up to 25 cms long, but I think that the baby leaves may have
dropped off these leaves. It seems to prefer to be out of the sun but in
good light. Any ideas?

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