Philodrendons, bananas & crepe myrtles in bad location

Julia midocean at
Sun Aug 6 10:00:38 EST 2000

Our home's previous owner planted split-leaf philos, banana palms &
crepe myrtles very near the pool.  All very pretty, but poorly located
in reference to the pool & a nearby fence..

I'd like to transplant the philodendrons to a better location in the
yard, but am unsure of how to move them as they are quite large &
multi-trunked.  If we top them first, can the trunks be planted to
create new plants?  Any tips on transplanting these massive plants?

No problem sucessfully moving bananas of course, but they keep
returning.  My local nursery tells me that foliage killers will not
deter their re-emergence unless we use something like Triox.  I've tried
salt, boiling water & lesser weed killers but still they return.  Any

Lastly, the crepe myrtles.  Beautiful, but too close to the pool.  The
seed pods, blooms & leaves are a constant problem.  We thought about
having a company come to dig & remove a large soil ball, hopefully to
transplant them to another location, but the electric & gas lines run
beneath so that's not an option.   From experience, we know that cutting
them down only results in lots of new & aggressive sprouts.
Unfortunately, we find ourselves needing to kill these out as well.

Any & all advice welcome.  Please, no flames about killing plant life.
We're doing the best we can with a bad situation.


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