Please help me save my Wandering Jew!!!

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Sun Aug 6 18:25:32 EST 2000

occasionally these plants like some food, usually a mild 10 10 10, diluted
at least 50%.  sometimes they just grow in strange ways that may not adapt
to your particular aesthetic tastes.  i have several different types of
'jews' and they pretty much do their own thing.  good luck

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> Sorry if this isn't the right Newsgroup, but...
> I have a beautiful Wandering Jew that's got the really small leaves.  You
> know, the one where the plant looks like a big ball?  Sorry I don't know
> exact species, but anyway...  She's thinned out quite bad arount the base,
> but she's doing really well down around the bottom.  Is there anything
> I can do to save this plant and get the "fullness" to come back again?
> the other types of Wandering Jews that I have (the ones with broader
> that are purple and green) should I clip the stems, re-root them and then
> transplant?  Gee, that seems like a lot of work because there are so many
> small stems.   I'll be happy to take a picture and post it if you need
> info.  I really hate to loose this plant because she was so beautiful when
> first got her.
> P.S.  To those who wonder why I can my plants "Her", it's just because
> anything that I find beautiful I consider a "She".
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