Dieffenbachia commiting slow suicide

Bob rwc714 at home.com
Thu Aug 10 00:12:36 EST 2000

I have two of what I belive to be Dieffenbachia Exotica Alba (Dumb Cane).
They receive the same amout of water and sunlight.   One of them has
developed extensive yellowing of the leaves, turning to brown and whithering
around the outside edges of the larger leaves while the newer leaves simply
whither all at once.   I've seperated the two but I'm afraid the healthier
one is starting to show the beginnings of the same problem, but not to
nearly the same scale as the other.   I live in Arizona and they get bright
indirect sunlight.   Although I have practically no humidity inside, I do
spritz the leaves occasionally.     Although it would be simple to toss the
plant and get another,  I would rather meet the challenge and save the
Any suggestions as to what the problem is, what caused it and how to repair
it would be greatly appreciated.


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