HELP 1st plant

J. Douglas Johnson J.Douglas.Johnson at
Thu Aug 10 10:53:53 EST 2000

I don't know the plant name, but it is a broadleaf tropical plant.  It's
about 6.5 feet tall.  You see it at every plant store; each leaf is about
2-feet long and roughly 16-inches across, and there is only one leaf per
stalk.  As it grows the stalks will bend down towards the ground and then
you cut those off while new ones sprout up.  Do you know what I'm talking

Anyway, I repotted the plant in a big planter and I put the planter on a
dolly.  I move it every once and a while to keep it in the sun, as the lady
at the plant store said it needs a lot of light.  Most of the leaves have a
tear in them now, but the lady at the plant store told me when I got it that
the tears don't hurt anything.  The larger problem is that some of the
leaves seem to be curling in more than when I bought it.  They just don't
look quite as healthy.  The planter is huge, so I put in a lot of water on
my first watering (I think four pitchers, using the pitchers on my blender).
She told me to water it until water comes out the bottom, which it
eventually did (and then went on the floor).

Any ideas??

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