mushrooms in a houseplant.

Colin Mitchell Beier cbeier at
Thu Aug 10 17:12:34 EST 2000

hey mike

its a distinct possibility that the fungi you are seeing could be a
mycorrhizal fungus (a crucial root-infecting symbiont to your plant) that
just happened to (and this occurs rarely in a potted plant) produce
above-ground fruiting structures.  or it just could be some random spores,
which happen to be everywhere and cannot be eradicated by any normal means.
more than likely, these mushrooms will not harm your philo.  their mycelium
is spread throughout the soil, so eliminating it would do more harm to your
plant.  good luck.

MikeWhy <mikewhy at> wrote in message
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> hi everybody.
> I recently returned home from a stint of housesitiing someone elses plants
> and found a growth of mushrooms growing in a large houseplant I have. (Its
> a split leaf philadendron <sp?> in a 24 inch pot.) which fungi are nice
> all: how can I kill the spores that I'm sure are lurcking about? Is there
> some product on the market/natural remedy that will be safe for the plant
> but get rid of the spores? How should I protect my other plants? (I live
> a small apartment so am pretty sure the spores "got around".)
> thanks for yer help
> mikewhy/.
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