mushrooms in a houseplant.

Edwin Hutton e.hutton at
Fri Aug 11 03:27:16 EST 2000

SilkEyed wrote:
> >
> >hi everybody.
> >
> >I recently returned home from a stint of housesitiing someone elses plants
> >and found a growth of mushrooms growing in a large houseplant I have. (Its
> >a split leaf philadendron <sp?> in a 24 inch pot.) which fungi are nice and
> >all: how can I kill the spores that I'm sure are lurcking about? Is there
> >some product on the market/natural remedy that will be safe for the plant
> >but get rid of the spores? How should I protect my other plants? (I live in
> >a small apartment so am pretty sure the spores "got around".)
> >
> >thanks for yer help
> SilkEyed

Try sending your query to newsgroup bionet.mycology. The experts
on fungi are there.

Edwin Hutton

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