African violet seed pod?

Edwin Hutton e.hutton at
Fri Aug 11 03:22:29 EST 2000

SilkEyed wrote:
> One of my African violets has grown what looks like a seed pod in the middle of
> a blossom.  Can this be used to propogate new violets?  Or do you have to have
> a master's degree in biology to figure out how to do that?  <g>  Is it easier
> just to buy the dang things than to grow them from seed?
> SilkEyed
If I remember correctly you propagate African Violets by leaf
cuttings. Any decent indoor plant book should tell you how to
do this - it does require a bit of care but my wife does it
and she hasn't got a degree. I haven't heard of anyone doing it
by planting seeds, but you could experiment a bit, there's nothing

Edwin Hutton

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