Bird of Paradise IN TROUBLE

J. Douglas Johnson J.Douglas.Johnson at
Fri Aug 11 09:25:58 EST 2000

I have a Bird of Paradise that is not doing well.  I have only had the plant
for one week.  The leaves are curling, and about 1 milimeter of the leaves
edges have turned brown.  Most of the leaves have a decent color, but they
are curling all over.

It is quite possible that I watered it too much in the first watering after
I repotted it.  I was told to water it once a week until water came out the
bottom, but my planter is huge (probably close to 50lbs of potting soil).

I had it next to my window where it get a great deal of light from about 2pm
until sunset.  Unfortunately, that is directly below my air conditioning
vents, which someone told me can dry out the plant.  So perhaps that was the
problem as well.  I have moved the plant away from the window, but now it
will only get about 2.5 hours of good light a day.  Is that enough light for
a B of P?  I have also placed a small humidifier at the base of the plant.

Any help will be much appreciated.



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