Lotus Flowers

Monique Reed monique at mail.bio.tamu.edu
Mon Aug 14 09:05:09 EST 2000

I think you may have to find a source of blooming plants and pick the
flowers when they are open. If you do manage to get some and get them
to open, you will want to wax them open (trickle warm melted wax
around the petal bases and let it harden) because usually they are on
a "time clock" and will close up again on whatever their schedule is. 
Some are night-bloomers and some are day-bloomers, IIRC.

M. Reed

Lindsay K wrote:
> Hi, more advice please.
> I'm a wedding florist, this time our bride on 3rd Sept is looking for lotus
> flowers. New Covent Garden supplier can get them in. But they have never
> been successful in getting them to open(they arrive in bud, from Italy, I
> believe)  They say they've tried deep water, shallow, warm...but the flowers
> go brown and drop off.
> At this rate there is not many reasons for buying....can anyone suggest how
> to coax open these pretty flowers....
> Kind Regards
> Lindsay K.
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