palm tree request

Simon Oliver xbq80 at
Tue Aug 22 10:48:42 EST 2000

I live in the UK and in the last few years have become very interested in
palms. The climate in the south london is not that great but I have had
quite a measure of sucess with them particularly with growing them from
seed. If the seed is fresh it is generally quite a simple matter.

Do you have or live near a seeding palm of any description ? Would you
interested in mailing me a couple ? ( literally only a couple I don't want
loads, if the seed is fresh and viable, 2 is probaly all I'll need ! )

In the first instance please reply to mr.palm.tree at giving a
brief colour/size description of the seed and the palm if you don't know the
name of it and what if anything you want in return for the favour - don't
forget to quote your email address. DO NOT SEND ANY ATTACHMENTS

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