Plant Selection

Allan gtbiker at
Fri Aug 25 19:04:09 EST 2000

I have a long and very narrow (40 ft. x 3 ft.) planter area adjacent to my
driveway and the side of my garage.  I want to plant dense and high shrubs
or hedges to screen a busy street.   This planter is to the east of my
garage so it will get morning sun and be in shade most of the afternoon.  It
also gets quite a bit of water from my neighbor's lawn sprinklers.  I live
in Sacramento, CA where the summers are over 100 and winters are in the 30s
and 40s.  The nursery here says that they don't know of any shrubs that
would survive without full sun in the afternoon, especially if it gets a lot
a watering from the neighbor's sprinklers.  They are concerned about root
rot from soil that won't fully dry out.  The soil here has a lot of clay in

Before I give up on having shrubs altogether, does anyone in this NG know of
any shrubs or hedges (dense, evergreen, and at least 6 ft. high) that would
possibly survive these conditions?  I realize my choices may be very limited
so whether they are flowering or fruit bearing won't matter.

Thanks for your help.


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