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You might want to think about Oriental Arborvitae(Thuja orienralis L.). This
is a tree that under normal conditions would not do well in Sacramento, but
seeing as it would be getting plenty of water from a sprinkler it might just
be a good choice. It also is easy to shape when trimmed regularly.
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> I have a long and very narrow (40 ft. x 3 ft.) planter area adjacent to my
> driveway and the side of my garage.  I want to plant dense and high shrubs
> or hedges to screen a busy street.   This planter is to the east of my
> garage so it will get morning sun and be in shade most of the afternoon.
> also gets quite a bit of water from my neighbor's lawn sprinklers.  I live
> in Sacramento, CA where the summers are over 100 and winters are in the
> and 40s.  The nursery here says that they don't know of any shrubs that
> would survive without full sun in the afternoon, especially if it gets a
> a watering from the neighbor's sprinklers.  They are concerned about root
> rot from soil that won't fully dry out.  The soil here has a lot of clay
> it.
> Before I give up on having shrubs altogether, does anyone in this NG know
> any shrubs or hedges (dense, evergreen, and at least 6 ft. high) that
> possibly survive these conditions?  I realize my choices may be very
> so whether they are flowering or fruit bearing won't matter.
> Thanks for your help.
> Allan

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