what`s happening to my crape myrtle tree shrub?

Darkwind k'Sheyna bjarratt at actsva.com
Mon Aug 28 06:45:58 EST 2000

Not sure in your case. depending on how far south you are likely to be
watering it to much for the roots to develope. Crape myrtle is a deep
south plant and does well in hot semi-dry environments.  Another
thought, when you planted it did you unwrapped/unpotted the pland and
broke root ball?
On Mon, 21 Aug 2000 16:13:22 GMT, junabella at cox-internet.com  (C. A.
Jr.) wrote:
>hi! can any one tell me what`s the problem of my crape myrtle tree .
>the  leaves are turning yellow and the tip of the leaves are somewhat
>burnt. it`s been 2 1/2 months ago since i planted this tree in my yard
>it`s a tall white flowering crape myrtle ( called natchez i believe).
>i water it every other day since it`s kinda hot here in the south just
>enough not to drown them .  it`s still blooming some flowers though
>but i`m just worried  coz this yellowing leaves just happened a few
>weeks ago. any advice will be appreciated. thanks!

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