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P.O Box 4 Klong Luang Pathumthani 12120, Thailand, Telephone Number
(662) 524-5363 Email-oticbabes at or rusbinas at 

* Presently, working as Training Manager in Asian Disaster
Preparedness Center based in Thailand, a regional training center on
disaster management.  For the past 11 years I have been Project
Manager for development projects for the International Institute of
Rural Reconstruction in association with UNICEF, the Australian
Embassy in the Philippines and German Agro-Action.  I have been
helping the Provincial Advocates for Sustainable Agriculture and
Development (PASAD) in their program development in the areas of
organic agricultural production, community extension, communication
and development and their training program.  I have designed the
program for Family Food Production Foundation Inc (FFPFI) in the areas
of institutional capacity building, resource mobilization, and their
community extension program.   The organization became a recipient of
"Bayaning" (Heroes) Filipino Award and a regional top performer in
land reform distribution. I have an excellent understanding of
financial and human resource management.    

* I have designed the project proposals called Community-Based
Conservation and Development Program for Northern Negros Forest
Reserve.  The overall goal of the project is to protect the almost
16,500 hectares of primary forest, extend forest cover by 20%, and
improve the socio-economic situation of the villagers within the
Northern Negros Forest Reserve.  The project budgetary requirement is
around $ 1,000,000 and is under review by the European Union.
However, initially one fourth of the total project cost is being
funded by German Agro Action for 18 months only.  
* I have designed and implemented various project proposal namely
Conservation-Oriented Livelihood Options for Communities in Northern
Negros Forest Reserve funded by Australian Embassy in the Philippines
and German Development Services and lately German Agro Action.  The
total cost of the project from 1994-1999 was $60,000.  Also, I have
helped develop and implemented the project in 1991-1994 called
Food-Based Income Generating Project with a total cost of $ 125,000
funded by UNICEF.

* I have planned, organized and facilitated training events in the
Philippines, Myanmar, Bangladesh, Thailand and Ethiopia in sustainable
agriculture, the environment, community development, disaster
management, technology transfer, networking and advocacy.
* I have planned and implemented training needs assessments, training
design, and training evaluation.
* I have presented papers on Sustainable Agriculture during
international gatherings in Brazil, England, Vietnam and the

* With CARE Bangladesh for Project Design and Training under
Bangladesh Urban Flood Mitigation Project, May, 2000.
* With UNDP/UNOPS-CDRT-MYA/96/009 Project for Basic Training on
Community Development for Chin State and East Rackhine, Myanmar,
August 3-November 10, 1998.  
* With FAO Yunnan Upland Management on Program Replicability in Yunnan
Province, China, June 9-June 24, 1994
* With Adventist Development and Relief Agency in Promoting Family
Food Security through Bio-Intensive Gardening Project in Ethiopia,
April 8-May 28, 1994
* With UNICEF in Family Food Production Program for Tawi-Tawi and
Basilan Province, Philippines, April 10-18, 1989.
* Tropical Agro-Ecological Tour, Honduras, 1996
* First Asian Conference of International Federation of Organic
Agriculture Movement, Jiyunomori-Gakuen, Japan, 1993
* Presided a Debate the Organic Agriculture a Key to a Sound
Development and Sustainable Environment, Anhimbi Center, Sao Paulo,
Brazil, 1992
* Training of Trainers on Social Mobilization, UNICEF, Cebu,
Philippines, 1992
* Disaster Management Course 12 at Asian Disaster Preparedness Center
, Thailand, 1991
* Inter-Agency Forum on Negros Food-Based Income Generating
Alternatives and Convergence:  Making the Area Based Child Survival
and Development Strategies Work, Bago City, Philippines, 1991
* International Scientific Conference of International Federation of
Organic Agricultural Movement "Socio-Economics of Organic
Agriculture", Karl Marx University, Budapest, Hungary, 1991
* Update on Tropical Sustainable Agriculture in Development Projects,
Emerson College. London, England, 1991, and
* Agro Ecological Tour in England, Netherlands, West Germany and
Switzerland, 1990.

* "Amlig" Integrated Conservation and Development for Northern Negros
Forest Reserve, 1997.
* "Ugbos" Family Food Production Foundation Inc., 1994 
* "Dagyaw" Working together for Nutrition and Income , 1993 
* Lessons and Insights in the Family Food Production Program in
Negros, 1990
* Family Food Production in Negros:  Working Towards the
Sustainability Goal, 1989
* Family Food Production Program Year End Report, (from 1988-1992) 

Spearheaded activities to draw attention to the environmental impact
of projects such as: 
* the proposed geothermal plant in Mt. Kanlaon (in a National
Integrated Protected Area)  
* the Coal Fired Power Plants at various sites in Negros
* the proliferation of the mining industry in productive agricultural
land, and
* the continued destruction of marine life in the seas of Negros

* Masters of Professional Studies in International Agriculture and
Rural Development at Cornell University, Ithaca, New York, USA, 1999.
* 12 units of Advance Degree Course on Philippine Study at St. La
Salle University, 1993
* Bachelor of Science in Commerce Major in Agricultural Business
Management at St. La Salle University, 1987

* Fellowship from the Mario Einaudi Center for International Studies,
* Fellowship from Cornell International Institute for Food,
Agriculture and Development for Master's Thesis
* Fellowship from Alice Hui Yen Fund for Masters of Professional
Studies degree on International Agriculture and Rural Development,
* Fellowship from USAID to attend Disaster Management Course at ADPC,
* University Handumanan Science Foundation Scholarship 1986-1988
* University of St. La Salle Campus Ministry Award, 1987
* 506th MCMTU (Military Training) Duty Medal Award, 1985
* Boy Scout of the Month, 1979.

* Mountaineering, snorkeling, mountain biking, swimming, running.
I am 33 years old and still single. References will be given on


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