Round Circles in St Augustine

Mary A Bisson bisson at
Mon Dec 4 16:39:14 EST 2000

In article <20001126151333.18120.00001767 at>,
SilkEyed <silkeyed at aol.comma> wrote:
>>I have different size circles in my yard. I know it is not grubs. Could it
>>be a fungus?...Thanks

How circles?  Dark discolored rings on the grass, with no structure
visible to the eye? I've seen that in slime molds in North Carolina.  You
didn't give your location.

>Sounds like fairy rings which do grow mushrooms so I guess that would be a
>fungus. :)   I always liked them, myself, and some people downright treasure

Yes, fungi often form rings, and they spread uniformly and die back in the


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