Need help in growing healthy veggies

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Sun Feb 6 13:53:13 EST 2000

I would want to know where you live (generally) and if the soil is compacted
or if you could describe the soil as clay or sandy.  Compacted soil is going
to make your carrots grow into ugly shapes.   I would also need to know if
the selected spot would receive 6 hours of direct sun, filtered sun or
generally shady.
    And Last but certainly not least.  What veggies do your children like.
You can understand that kids are not going to enjoy growing a veggie they
don't like to eat.
    I have never see a kid that doesn't like to grow Pumpkins they grow
really fast and seem to hold a special place in many gardeners hearts.
Sunflowers are another suggestion but it might not meet your criteria.
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> I'm must be the worst grower ever, every time I take care of my moms
> garden, things wither away. I'm starting my kids on small projects to
> grow thier own vegetables. I'd really appreciate it if someone could
> give me a few pointers on when and what to grow, the idea here being
> that I would not want to start with a vegetable that requires alot of
> TLC to grow. Are there anything like incompatible plants, i. e. I have
> a 12 ft by 5 ft area that I will dedicate to this activity and I don't
> want to mix veggies that will be competing. If I'm posting this in the
> wrong forum, please let me know and point me in the right direction.
> Thanks
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