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Tomatoes are easy to grow, and fertilizer is extremely easy
to find.  (Miracle Grow makes some, I think, specifically
for tomatoes)  Just don't overfertilize.  It's easier to
overfertilize than to underfertilize.  Underfertilizing is
easy to correct.  Overfertilizing will kill them.  I usually
give them a dose once a month, or less frequently than that.
When they are producing fruit, though, they will get hungry.
But still, once a month is plenty.

I like to grow the little cherry tomatoes in containers and
they are really good!  One thing I grow succesfully in the
hot Texas summer is peppers.  They were smooth, fiery
peppers.  Peppers are pretty easy to grow too, just watch
that you don't under water them.  (They get droopy really
fast)  Definitely, don't overfertilze them...

Spray anything you grow for bugs.  I use bug-b-gone because
it is cheap.  Just make sure it is safe for food, and don't
spray for whatever amount of time the bottle says not to
before you harvest.  (Bug-b-gone says 2 weeks I think)

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>I live in a rather hot place. Currently the weather is relatively cold 
>but not freezing. The summers can be very hot and that's why I'm trying
>to start now. 
>The lot that I selected will catch the morning and afternoon sun. My
>kids love cucumbers and tomatos. Would these be easy plants? I'd also
>like to try pumpkin. Any particular tips there? Thanks alot.
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