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On Mon, 07 Feb 2000 14:17:19 -0800, Frederick Brown
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>Hello, just doing a short project as part of my Masters here in
>Manchester Met. Uni, U.K.
>It's based around ecology / management in an urban context of the humble
>I can't seem to find any information on the mangement of this species.
>Any pointers?
>Frederick Brown
>(please reply to me personally as well. Cheers)
In suburban USA today the attitude is to zap them with whatever works
to maintain the best looking uniform green carpet, a totally
unfriendly ecological approach. While there are some who like the
lowly dandelion (dent de lion, lion's tooth, for the leaf shape), they
are few and far between. At very least, most people will be more than
happy to mow their lawns more frequently to reduce their appearance in
the spring and fall (blossoms fall off greatly during mid-summer).

Historically, when they first appeared in the US (alien invader from
when I don't know), I read somewhere that Indians would come into the
towns at night to harvest the greens from peoples lawns (pre herbicide
days, of course).

On the far-out side of things, you may enjoy reading Ray Bradbury's
"Dandelion Wine". No help on a scientific basis, but a wonderful read

I know these hints are probably totally useless to you. Just my
2-electrons worth.

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