Nuclei in potato tuber cells

Anne Gillen ez049617 at
Thu Feb 17 16:26:17 EST 2000


Yes, they have nuclei.  How do you think they get the enzymes to produce 
all that starch? AFIK, the only live plant cells that do not have nuclei
are some of the vascular cells.  If there are any others I would 
be interested in knowing this.


On Sat, 12 Feb 2000, ks wrote:

> Hi. Can anyone tell me whether the potato tuber cells storing starch grains
> have nucleus?  I have tried several ordinary staining methods but was unable
> to identify the nuclei. All of the pic in books and web-pages I have come
> across only show the starch grains, but not the nuclei.
> Thanks for any contribution!
> KS

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