Systematics of Cestrum, Petunia, Nicotiana

Mark Schoenbeck mark at
Thu Feb 17 19:10:26 EST 2000

Hello Plant Group,

I am gathering information for a paper and I would appreciate any
recommendations for works concerning the systematics of Nicotiana,
Cestrum, and Petunia.  For Nicotiana, I have Goodspeed's 1954 The Genus
Nicotiana, which is very good, but I know that at least three species
have been added since it was written.  I suspect much good work has been
done since then, but too long ago to turn up in a current abstract
search covering the 1980s and 1990s.  If anyone could suggest more
recent sources, preferably including phylogenies derived from molecular
data, I would be most grateful.  Bogani et al. published in 1997 a
molecular analysis of Nicotiana in Molecular Phylogenetics and
Evolution, but our library does not subscribe.  If anyone out there has
this paper, might you send me a list of some of the sources they cite?


Mark Schoenbeck
University of Kentucky

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