A. griseum? Stratification requirements

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> It is my understanding that seeds of most maples have a very limited
> life, and must germinate within several months of becoming ripe or they
> will die. I dont think  there is much dormantcy  in the seed , and
> stratification may not be required. Have you tried to germinate any??
> Best Wishes,
> Schnips
No. Although I don't have the book on seed germination, I worked in a
nursery where we stratified A. palmatum ( Japanese maple), thus my concern.
My memory is vague, but it seems like 3 months. They began germinating in
the refridge.  These haven't.

I got an email on this that suggested from experience that the seeds may be
empty. I have yet to check that out. These seeds are very thick, nut
thickness, which suggests some "dormancy". I'll dissect a few to see if they
are empty and perhaps crack some and nick others with a file to germinate.

I wonder if anyone has the book (which I cannot remember the name of )
pertaining to the germination requirements of woody plants?

David and Katie

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