A. griseum? Stratification requirements

John Dusek Schnips at webtv.net
Sun Feb 20 22:31:17 EST 2000

Hi agian, since my last post to you I was thinking alittle and decided
to look up your question. My thoughts about the stratifacation
requirements were wrong. According to Dr. Michael Dirr in his book "The
Manual Of Woody Landscape Plants" it is VERY difficult to germinate this
seed.. First only 1 to 8% of the seeds are usually viable. Second as you
mentioned in your reply the seed coat is very very hard. Dirr says the
following....."seeds will germinate after 90 days stratification at 41F
in moist peat, however, the fruit wall is so tough the root radical
cannot penetrate and will spiral around within the srtucture;I have
removed the embryos after stratification and the majority continued to
grow".  He then goes on to say that cutting production  is a much better
methood of propagation.

I hope this helps....Let me Know.....

Good Luck, 

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