paulownia trees

Monique Reed monique at
Mon Feb 21 10:58:04 EST 2000

They are fast growing and have beautiful flowers.  Mature specimens
tend to be very weak-wooded and can slough off a dead limb in nothing
flat, much to the detriment of people, autos, etc.  There is/was a
nice double row of these beauties at Longwood Gardens in
Pennsylvania.  The staff lived in fear that one of them was going to
drop a branch on a guest.  Every year, the trees got a meticulous
inspection, and any branch of dubious permanency was removed.  Of
course, these trees were very old and very tall.  Younger trees might
not be so much a problem.  I still don't think I'd plant one over my
house or terrace...

Monique Reed

> John Lance wrote:
> Does any one know much about these trees?

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