Ants In My Plants (Do I Gotta Dance?)

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Sun Feb 27 16:43:32 EST 2000

I would suggest you check your plants for Aphids. Some ants live symbiotically and utilize the honeydew the aphids produce.  I would not want ants in the plants due to the fact they can also carry viruses on their little feet. What type of soil do you have. To eradicate the ants without pesticide is difficult. Try diotomecous earth as an organic control. It has a bait to attract them and the ants will die from eating it. ( its natural silica).
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  I am conducting plant nutritional trials utilizing drip irrigation ( see related abstract and progress report) utilizing various nutritional packages delivered through the drip irrigation.  We are endeavoring to mimic a hot, arid environment where the only water is provided through the drip tubing. 
  Over the past several days, I have been observing ants utilizing the drip tubes as an expressway through the greenhouse.  This morning, I observed where they have decided to take up residence in the test plots.  They are building their mounds in the moist areas created by the drip tape.  They are ignoring the plants above the surface.  I am certain that they are there because the drip tubing is the only source of moisture in the greenhouse. 

  Not devoting my life to studying ants, I am unsure whether they are pharaoh ants or sugar ants.  My question is will their presence in and through the root systems of the plants effect and or damage the plants and their yields or will they live in perfect harmony? 

  If they are detrimental to the plants, how should I remove them without the use of pesticides? 

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